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  Jul 13 2024
 57 Cassowary Street Doncaster East Victoria Australia 3109 Phone: 0425 790 501 


  My name is Georgina and I operate and own Happy Dog Day Care.  I have handled dogs all my life personally and

through my job as a veterinary nurse for 14 years.
I am a devoted animal lover especially dogs.  I was the child in the family that brought home the strays, even to this day I always carry a spare lead with me on my walks in case I see a stray dog running around the streets, I need to make sure they are safe and I try to get them back to their families.

Training and having fun times with my dog "Snippy" ( see photo above ) was  the highlight of my day, Snippy was a 5 year old Maltese X stray I adopted from "Save-A-Dog Scheme" 5 years ago, he  was my constant companion and the CEO of Happy Dog Day Care, everything had to be run by him first for approval.
 "Snippy" loved  obedience  training, he graduated  from beginner to advanced within 5 months,  he  loved doing little tricks like, sneezing, walking backward, spinning around in one spot, speaking, and his favorite going down a kids slide, anything to show off or was it the treats!

"Snippy" was my biggest reason for starting Happy Dog Day Care, he had separation anxiety and leaving him for long periods during the day would cause him a lot of stress. He  enjoyed the company of other dogs and was very relieved to see more of his mum (me).

Sadly Snippy passed away on 7th June 2010, from heart-failure he was a wonderful little dog and never left my side, he will be sadly missed by everyone and all the doggies at Happy Dog Day Care...and especially me his mum.

I have  attended training seminars with Michael Tucker and The Australian Dog Training Academy,successfully obtained a Certificate in Veterinary Nursing and Certificate IV Business Management, currently I am studying Business Administration.

Owners can bring their doggies to stay with us for a day while they are at work, or  maybe your having renovations done, recovering from illness, your doggie is being destructive while you are not home, or you want your doggie to socialize and meet new friends.
Your doggie will have that special love and attention he gets at home while staying with us, enjoy playing with other doggies, toys, and that all important afternoon nap on the couch or one of our doggie beds, while having a tummy rub or a gentle relaxing massage.
It is just like a child day care centre, you drop them off on your way out for your day and pick them up on your way home.
We will give your doggie the individual love and attention they would receive at home to give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your day knowing your doggie is enjoying his.

When the day is done and the doggies and their parents  go home happy ; it brings joy to my heart as I have accomplished what I have promised!

for a wagging good time,for small dogs only !

Call  0425790501

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